Oven-Spaghetti with capers

Serves 4:
400 g Spaghetti
Common Salt          
200 g grated cheese
400 g Creme fraiche
5 Eggs
200 ml Cream
100 g capers
3 cloves of garlic
some fresh or dried sage
200 g gammon

Preparation: Cook the Spaghetti until they are done, but not 
too soft. Mix the Creme fraiche with the grated cheese, eggs, 
chopped garlic, chopped gammon, capers and the chopped sage. 
Seasoning with salt and pepper. Now put the cooked spaghetti 
on a cake tin and put the sauce on top. At 220 C (moderately hot) 
gratinate in the baking oven.

recipe by Christiane Franz
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